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Product Information

  • All natural, non-toxic, and non-GMO

  • Facultative organisms - works in both aerobic and anaerobic environments

  • 6 and 7 strain Bacillus blends providing optimal activity and enzyme production across a broad range of environmental conditions. 

  • Effective growth and treatment across broad pH and temperature ranges

  • Stable - two year shelf life when stored properly

What is Bioaugmentation?

Bioaugmentation is a process in which specific strains of pollutant-biodegrading microorganisms with unique metabolic profiles are introduced into a microbial community in an effort to enhance the ability of the microbial community to biodegrade contaminants. 


"This enhancement allows the microbial community to more effectively and efficiently digest pollutants while overcoming changes in load and flow, toxic upset, and other events that negatively affect treatment."  MDG

Product Benefits

  • Improves operations-facility stability and upset recovery

  • Reduces COD/BOD levels

  • Improves FOG removal

  • Improves facility treatment capacity

  • Reduces odor generation

  • Decreases energy costs

  • Improves nutrient removal

  • Reduces sludge yield and accumulation

  • Reduces foaming

  • Improves floc formation and settling characteristics

  • Decreases chemical costs

  • Reduces sludge handling and removal costs

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